My Tools

I think everyone that does some design work and/or programming inevitably gets asked by their peers and other friends starting out, what kind of tools they use. After doing this for awhile there are a few things that you figure out, and mostly it is that your tools change as you change. But there are some staples in the list that I’m sure many of you will recognize. Let’s take a look at the applications I use on a daily basis.

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Sketch to WordPress: Part III

Welcome to the final chapter in this series. Today we are going to review the process for taking your newly created HTML/CSS files and turning them into a theme for your WordPress site. We will review what the theme system for WordPress consists of as well as some resources that are helpful in getting your project completed. By the end you should have a better understanding of how the WordPress theme system works and what it takes to get your custom layout functioning.
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Website Backup Script

Do you regularly backup your data off of your server? Many people setup database dumps and then leave them on their server. This doesn’t really help you in the case of the server dying on you. I’m going to share with you the script that I have that backs up all of the databases on this server as well as doing a full/incremental file backup as well. Wrapping it all up we will then FTP it off to a secondary location for storage.
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Sketch to WordPress: Part II

Welcome to Part II of the Sketch to WordPress series. In the last part we talked about design ideas as well as discussing ways to go about getting that design idea from paper to Photoshop. Here in this article we will be discussing how you take your final Photoshop Mockup and convert it to a basic HTML/CSS page. In the end you should be able to take your design to the HTML/CSS stage without too much hassle.
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Sketch to WordPress: Part I

Welcome to part one of our first series of tutorials here on the Cove. In this series I will be talking about taking a website design idea from those first sketches on some paper all the way up to a theme for WordPress. For this first part we will be covering some common design ideas and techniques, as well as some tools that I use to get the ball rolling on a project like this. I’ll be writing it from a ‘new to web design’ point of view, as that should work better for the few readers I have currently.
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Today is Launch Day!

So after scraping a previous design (that a few of you and myself liked for awhile), I finalized on one and got it all worked out. There are a few bugs in the design as you navigate the parts of the site that I have done but those will start to go away. Some of the pages will populate as I add more content or take the time to write them.

For the first few tutorials I decided I’m going to take you all through the process of creating a WordPress theme. Seems like a fairly basic tutorial and a good starting place since I’ve been doing it all week. It will go from drawing out the idea on paper, converting that into a PSD, taking that PSD to a basic HTML mock-up and then finally getting it to work with the WP theme system.

If there are any ideas you have for future tutorials feel free to leave a comment here or Twitter me.

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